Rules and Regulations for a Mindfulness Community

We would like for everyone at Sobriety Holidays the best possible opportunity to work on their addiction. Therefore, it is vital that we create an atmosphere that supports the recovery and inner growth. The following is a list of mandatory rules. These are essential to the safety and well being of all community members and anybody breaking these may be asked to leave immediately. And also guidelines which helps in creating a well running, open and healing environment for all participants. We ask that all guidelines are also respected and anyone consistently breaking these may also be asked to leave the community.

We thank you for your cooperation.

  1. Consumption of alcohol,drugs and all other substances that lead to an altered state of mind and / or carelessness is forbidden inside the home as well as outside. Sobriety Holidays has the right to test any member for substances and to check the rooms at all times
  2. All violence (physical and verbal, intimidation, bullying) towards oneself and others is prohibited
  3. Smoking within and around the rooms and buildings is strictly forbidden. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area
  4. Loud noise (music, shouting, etc) is not allowed. Please do not disturb others
  5. All the program, workshops and activities are mandatory, unless one takes ill or is physically unable to participate
  6. Unfortunately, we can not cater for children or pets
Payment policy
50% deposit required 14 days before you arrive.
50% balance required three days before your arrival.
In the unlikely event of an accident or death, theft, loss of damage to one’s personal effects, Sobriety Holidays will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising.
  1. Please bring mindfulness to all your speech and behavior. We have people dealing with many different issues, ranging from addiction to burnout, depression and trauma so please be sensitive in your communication
  2. Please turn off water, lights, fans and any other electronic devices when not using them
  3. During our programs, workshops, activities and social outings we ask one to be mindful. Please listen and learn and in most cases our facilitators will request you to contribute
  4. We discourage the formation of romantic relationships as they are often a distraction away from the real work of self healing. However if you do find yourself forming attachments to other community members, please do bring this to the attention of your facilitator
  5. Sobriety Holidays belongings (cushions, fans, cups, plates, cutlery, food, etc) are not to be taken to their rooms
  6. Noble silence is a very important part of our program. We ask you to adhere to the times of this marvelous tool as it will be of great benefit to one in the long term
We in Sobriety Holidays really want you to enjoy your period of stay. Try and treat it as a holiday, so the ground maitri is ourselves. We are here to get to know ourselves. Recovery with Discovery. We will try to maintain that sense of aliveness, openness and curiosity about whats happening. Perhaps we will experience what is traditionally described as the fruition of maitri…playfulness.
So hopefully we will have a good holiday here, getting to know ourselves and becoming more playful, rather than more grim…