The practice of ethically focused Mindfulness puts a space between you and whats going on for you. Meditation on your breath, your body your thoughts and your feelings can let you see: “This is Pain”. “This is Love”. “This is Fear”. “This is Joy”. “This is Craving”.
Mindfulness reveals them all Рand all can be met with non-judgment and kindness. One would say that mindfulness is not just concentrating on something. Mindfulness is a focused, non-judgmental awareness on what is happening in the present moment. Mindfulness helps us let go of all stress and connect with beauty and joy of our ordinary life.

Mindfulness in Recovery has the potential to bring the Benefits of:

  • Calming – Relieves stress of Recovery
  • Insight – Reveals destructive thought patterns
  • Patience – Sitting with urges to help one let go

Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose in the present moment: Non Judgmentally. As if your life depended upon it.

During your stay at Sobriety Holidays we will introduce one to Mindfulness Practices and will have a workshop on the same subject
If practiced regularly and in a diligent way and most important mindfully. Will set one up in their life after to be enlightened in mind, body and soul.

“Thats a Promise”