Meditation with Sobriety Holidays

A Brightened Mind.

  1. Expands Awareness – A dramatic upgrade of perspective from linear to multi dimensional
  2. Vibrant Energy – A sustained dynamic power charge that generates fresh spontaneity and alertness of mind
  3. Flowing Creativity – The ability to consistently generate innovative fresh ideas from both new and old experiences, as a result of an expanded awareness
  4. Sharpened Accuracy – The reduction of error prone tendencies to a minimum, allowing for goals to be carried out faster and with great accuracy
  5. Enhanced sensitivity – The ability to communicate from the heart and make oneself understand without having to rely on ordinary vocabulary
  6. Fearlessness – The knowledge to act with self-confidence, poise, knowing operates within the premise of truth, unencumbered by doubts and mental constructs
  7. Heightened Attractiveness – The perceivable manifestation of all the above qualities in one individual that excludes a unique allure and irresistible charisma

All that you are Now.
Is the result of what you were yesterday,
And all that you will be Tomorrow.
Will be the result of all that you are in the present moment.

During your stay at Sobriety Holidays one will learn here all the information that you will ever need to make your mind alert, vibrant and agile. At our home during your Meditation Practices,The ideas we will present to you are simple and practical all though not necessary. Easy to put into practice. Yet when applied with steadfast diligence they will be certain to give you profound results

The Buddha was asked: ‘What have you gained from meditation?’
He replied: ‘Nothing.’
However, Buddha said: ‘Let me tell you what I lost: Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Insecurity.