When you are staying with us for 7 days or longer. The focus is on Sobriety Holidays we call the business. We want you to have activities, fun and games.

During your holiday we will endeavor to maintain that sense of aliveness, openness and curiosity about whats happening. Maitre… Playfulness is what we want you to achieve. Getting to know ourselves and becoming more playful rather than more grim.

Activities we can organize:

  • Visiting Famous Caves
  • The Day of the Turtle
  • Walking Street Market
  • Story Telling Nights
  • Movie and Popcorn and Raisins
  • Thai-Massage
  • Rock and Roll Night
  • Talent Contest.
  • Friendship Dinner Dance
  • River Boat Trips…………And many more delights.

“All work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy.”