A Journey of Recovery

A Destination of Discovery

A Homely Environment Empowering People to Find their Way

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Our Philosophy

Is Sobriety Holidays right for me?

Do you suffer from:

  • Addiction problems
  • Stress and Burnout
  • Overthinking or Lonliness
  • Anxiety or Overload
  • Depression

Are you interested in!

  • Solving your problems !
  • Self-Care and Self-Healing
  • Yoga and good Nutrition
  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual Growth

What Is Cost:

Costs from 120,000 Baht for a 28 day stay includes accommodation, meals, all workshops, teachings and program.

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Why Sobriety Holidays?

At Sobriety Holidays you will be greeted with a thousand welcomes, hospitality at its highest level is our aim as we strive to make your stay the ultimate experience in relaxation and personal growth.

The peaceful atmosphere of our surroundings coupled with the warm and friendly Thai culture will soothe and empower you to concentrate your focus on getting the most from the here and now.

Completing any of our ‘sobriety programs’ will leave you with a better; more balanced sense of yourself will offer a potentially boundless opportunity for improving your quality of life. Practice makes perfect and the more you put into yourself, the more you will get out. Let us help you by teaching you methods to maximize your personal growth, taking responsibility for your life and allowing you to move from being a passive observer to someone who has taken control of their destiny.

Whether you want to ‘hit the reset button on life’ or to escape to an idyllic environment free from the usual holidaymaking, we are here to provide you with location, comfort and support to take living your life to the next level. Remember: You’re worth it and there is no time like the present to begin a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.

We look forward to meeting you at Sobriety Holidays…

When Sobriety Holidays?

When you check in Sunday before 4 pm. The program commences on Monday morning at 7am. The day of the turtle, everything in slow motion. Cha, Cha (Cha Cha means slowly slowly in Thai language).

Free massage, light breathing exercises and short meditation. Also a short visit to the beach where one can enjoy the sun, a great physician taken modestly. The 3 Day Fast will commence at 7am on this Day.

Where Sobriety Holidays?

Our Home and Facility is on 2.5 acres of mature land,with Lake and Swimming Pool,1kl from Paknampran Town and 2kl from 5kl quiet beach.
The hexagonal Bungalows are spacious with double bed,couch and ensuite.
The gardens are full of nature, fruit trees,vegetable plots.

There is a Restaurant open 7 days a week!
Our Resort is 4 star and Accommodation is comfortable and clean.
Sobriety Holidays have endeavored to create a homely Environment Empowering People to find their way.
Wi Fi is available except when Noble Silence is in place!

The food is nutritional,fresh and the fruit and veg are mostly from our gardens.

How Sobriety Holidays?

“The Family”

“You are our children”

The Family tie is the closest, the most tender and sacred of any on earth. It was designed to be a blessing to mankind. Upon parents depends in a great measure the well being of their children in the world.

Our program is A Journey of Recovery.

A Destination of Discovery

A Homely Environment Empowering People to Find their Way.

If you embrace us during your stay,we will endeavor to give you loving kindness. Feeling of worth will flourish in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated,mistakes are very much tolerated,communication is open and rules benefit all

The kind of atmosphere that nourishes a safe haven called “Home”.