Yoga..Kundalini Yoga….Bringing Body, Mind and Spirit together.

Yoga means union or ‘ or to Yoke in our life, describing the means for self to reunite with the Whole. Every holistic practice is in essence a yoga in that it promotes the harmony of the Whole. Yoga is a powerful, transformative, spiritual technology: fast, focused and effective.
Sobriety Holidays, guiding one through some of these rituals during your stay here is hugely beneficial to one self
Kundalini Yoga engages your unique sources of energy. Those that empower your spirit as well as your body. Drawing from the riches of ancient yoga tradition, the Kundalini Yoga experience offers a system of physical poses, breathing techniques and focused meditation that, when practiced together will bring you:

  • Increased physical health and strength
  • Emotional Balance
  • Heightened Sensory awareness
  • Enhanced intuition and creativity
  • Great peace and fulfillment in relationships
  • And a deeper sense of your own spirituality

In our home with regular practice, you will be surprised at how strong, healthy and fulfilled you’ll feel
experiencing the power of Kundalini is your birthright.

Embrace it