Coconut oil cleanse and detox. This 3 day fast is an incredibly potent cleansing ritual. The problem with popular juice fast is that it contains a lot of sugar. Compared to water, juice fasting contains a tiny amount of calories that give you enough energy to function throughout the day. But coconut oil provides a better source of calories in the form of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). Rich coconut oil boosts your energy level so you could function normally.

How much oil to consume. During our 3 day fasting one would need to consume approx 8 teaspoons of coconut oil daily.You can back of a bit if you simply can’t handle this much oil. To much of any oil,if not accustomed to it,will give you loose stools. So we make an hourly ritual it from early morning. We finish taking it at 6pm which will be 4 hours before going to bed as to much energy can prevent one from falling asleep… This is why we add pure water and lemon to enable one to take the coconut oil. Lemon or lime are natural detoxifiers and help cleanse the liver.

In the fast one is allowed also to eat no more than 4 ounces of fresh non dried unsweetened coconut meat per day. This meat is rich in fiber and nourishes the good bacteria in the gut.

During the fasting we recommend exercise and also massage which is very much part of our program.

Important… Check with your doctor before booking to see if he okays the 3 day fast.